About this Blog

Chew On This is a blog dedicating to exploring the many facets of the public issue of eating disorders in America. I will take a more unconventional outlook on the eating disorder epidemic, by researching and reporting on the issues like multicultural issues, societal pressures, the prevalence and range of these disorders, among any other aspects that I come across in my findings. I intend to illuminate some of the groups that don’t fit the stereotype of the young, affluent white female with an eating disorder. Eating disorders reach far outside the bounds of anorexia and bulimia as well. From Binge Eating Disorders to Drunkorexia, there are countless other forms of eating disorders that we don’t commonly hear about yet affect many. Lastly, I want to investigate the biology of eating disorders: how much of it is biological versus environmental? What is going on in the brain of an individual with disordered eating? But overall, I want to create a picture of how we as a society handle this epidemic. I hope to lend in an increased level of understanding and compassion by the general public for those afflicted and squash the social stigma that has been adopted by many.

Stop the stigma and stop the starve!


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